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Hey Skiers 👋!

You may be surprised to hear that Skiwise is made by just one person. Yep, that’s right, it’s just a 1-man part-time effort.
I’ve been cross country skiing for 8 years now and in that time I’ve skied a lot of gorgeous trails. I’m talking those days where you’re making fresh tracks at 8am, sun blaring down, and not a single person in site. And those days are the best!
But, I’ve also skied my fair share of crummy conditions, and the issue is: It’s hard to predict what the day’s going to be like before I’m out there.
That’s why I built Skiwise.
I started Skiwise two years ago when I was a college student as a way to create a better, faster, and smarter hub for nordic skiers to connect through.
Over the years, I've put in an estimated 800+ hours developing and growing Skiwise to where it is today. Today, there’s more than 8,000 skiers and 800 trail systems on the app. Wow!
There's nothing more exciting and motivating to me than seeing people use and get value out of software I've written!
But, I'm still looking to spread Skiwise to more skiers, and to do that I need your help!
If you want to help us grow, please share the app with your friends. It helps out the skiers, trails, and sport in general. A win-win-win!
Hopefully, we can continue this growth into the coming years and make Skiwise even more useful for more people.